Aiming high with the University of Cambridge

Over the years, Cambridge Precision has collaborated on projects with Cambridge University Departments and students, from the design and development of Solar cars and rockets, to the latest ventilator design projects. One long standing project is the Martlet programme – which has seen the Cambridge University Space Flight team progress from the launch of Martlet 1, back in 2012 to the impending launch of Martlet 4.
Martlet 1 was designed for launches to 15 km altitude (50,000ft) and was successfully launched at The Big Range in Ben Armine, Scotland, in the first week of May 2012

CPL are currently working on the aluminium thrust ring for the rocket, the latest in a long line of components which include:

  • a prototype nosecone and frontal body section for the Comet project
  • centering rings for the rocket’s motors turned from Nylon 6/6. These rings have 3 radial holes to locate the fins into, and one axial hole for a wiring tunnel, to allow wires from in front of the motor to go to the igniters
  • centering rings for the Parachute section. The large hole in the centre is for a cardboard tube that stows the two parachutes and the various outer slots are for wiring tunnels, and for light weighting
  • various coupling rings for the 3-stage of the rocket, these hold the motor and parachute sections together, they are restrained by M6 nylon bolts that are sheared in flight for the rocket stages to separate

A relationship that has lasted for a decade with the Space Flight team is testament to the collaborative nature of our team, and we are delighted to be working alongside the University on this and other ground-breaking projects.



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