We aim to set the standard as a modern, responsible, company and are proud to have won awards for quality, strategy, training, sustainability, well-being and community development.

Cambridge Precision Ltd (CPL) is fully committed to reviewing and improving the quality of service offered from all parts of our business, to ensure our customer’s needs and expectations are fully satisfied.

Client confidentiality is paramount and a key objective is to provide assurance that our standards in all respects, contribute as an asset to our customers’ reputation.

Quality Policy

Cambridge Precision is fully committed to reviewing & improving the quality of service offered from all parts of our business, to ensure our customer’s needs & expectations are fully satisfied and to comply fully with all applicable regulatory requirements. Satisfying our customer with on time delivery and assured quality of manufactured parts and assemblies, form the basis of our objectives, with monitoring and improvement processes established for these key objectives.   Every employee has a part to play in ensuring the company procedures are adhered to; only in this way will we earn customer confidence in our ability to meet their requirements’.

Cambridge Precision Objective

The companies aim is to achieve steady growth in our company sales that we can develop and move forward to achieve financial stability for our company. Those values are shared with our employees, in an open manner to promote an ever-improving commitment to our business.  

CPL strongly believes that risk is mitigated by strong planning at the beginning of our process. With a combination of continuous improvement (CI), using key performance indicators (KPI) to reflect performance status, enabling analysis against objectives and targets.

Management meetings are held to review latest status, performance and effectiveness of departments, agreed corrective actions are identified to recover failing performances.  Department meetings are held to flow down actions and drive CI through the company.     

Selected monthly performance figures are maintained on the company shared computer drive and within departments, typically they include, but not restricted to :-

  • Overall customer on time delivery results
  • Overall customer delivered quality performance
  • Customer non-conformance reports status
  • Overall supplier on time delivery results (direct product & sub contract processes)
  • Overall supplier quality performance (direct and sub contract processes)
  • Internal scrap performance

Nick Raven

Operations Director
January 2023


Ethics Policy

It is Cambridge Precision Limited’s commitment and intent to help protect all workers from

modern day unethical practices and to minimising negative impact on their human rights.

We are committed to help eradicate unethical business practices including bribery, fraud, corruption and human rights abuses, such as modern day slavery, child labour, prevention of human trafficking and exploitative labour.

We also intend to establish robust ethical working relationship to promote and raise awareness, with all our business partners, to help determine their own ethical standards, which are compatible with both, relevant legal requirements and our own company commitments to eradicate unethical practices. 

Objectives include:

  • To conduct all business relationships with transparency, respect, honesty and integrity, and to avoid causing reputational damage or harm to others as a result of business decisions.
  • Treat all stakeholders fairly and impartially, without discrimination or favour.
  • Actively support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Avoid any business practices which might bring the company into disrepute.
  • Developing processes and procedures which clearly segregate duties and delegation of authority and ensure all staff understand and comply with their authority limits.
  • Avoid any practices that require payment or other commitments from suppliers in order to achieve preferred or approved supplier status.
  • Ensuring confidentiality between buyers and suppliers is safeguarded through Non-Disclosure Agreements and confidentiality clauses in all contracts; and third parties involved should also sign up to these agreements.
  • Reporting any illegal activity to the relevant authorities.
  • Take ownership of business ethics and accept accountability.
  • Take steps to prevent report and remedy unethical practices.
  • Provide a safe environment for the reporting of unethical practices.
  • Putting in processes to allow procurement to alert senior management to corrupt activity.
  • Being aware of, and eradicating, any corrupt activity from our supply chain, including bribery; extortion or solicitation; trading in influence; money laundering; and nepotism

This policy has become a fundamental part of the corporate business strategy and supply chain management standard, incorporating our moral compass which is influenced by our values, beliefs, attitudes and our commitment to continual improvement, training and capacity building in the area of ethical sustainable trade.

Nick Raven
Operations Director
January 2023


Information Security policy

The protection of data and information security is central to the way that Cambridge Precision Ltd operates.

An Information Security Management System has been implemented to manage the protection of client and business data relating to the company’s activities.

All information assets will be identified, risk assessed using a defined methodology, and controlled until risks are reduced to an acceptable level based at a minimum on best industry practices.

At a minimum the company will comply with all applicable requirements related to information security (including legislative or contractual).

  • Information will be protected against unauthorised access.
  • Confidentiality of information will be assured.
  • Integrity and availability of information will be maintained.
  • All breaches of Information Security, actual or suspected, will be reported and investigated.

The Management Team shall establish Information Security Objectives, against which it shall regularly review performance and identify continuous improvement opportunities.

It is a mandatory requirement of all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with defined management system requirements and behave at all times in a manner which will not compromise the security of information.

This policy statement represents my commitment on behalf of the company to effective management of Information Security.

Certification to the internationally recognised standard for Information Security (ISO27001) is part of the integrated management system. 

Nick Raven
Operations Director
January 2023

Environmental policy

We value our reputation for excellence which has been established since our inception and reflects the care and pride we invest in every aspect of our business; this care extends to protection of the environment and use of natural resources.

The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and continually improving environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of the business strategy and operating methods.

Objectives include:

  • Reduce waste, manage energy and emissions and recycle everything possible
  • Minimise the use of utilities and natural resources
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Identification and full compliance with applicable environmental legislation

Certification to the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management (ISO14001) is part of the integrated management system.

We work to continually improve the company environmental performance and associated management system, to meet, satisfy and delight our customers. The systems defined have my active full support. They are under continual review and improvement, however once defined are mandatory for all personnel.

Nick Raven
Operations Director
January 2023


Occupational Health & Safety policy

2.1   Cambridge Precision Ltd regards the occupational health, safety and welfare of its employees, and of any contracted or temporarily engaged employees, as being of paramount importance.  It is the company’s policy to provide safe and healthy working conditions, to enlist the active support of all employees in achieving this objective and to ensure that suitable and sufficient resources and training are provided in order to ensure that the objectives of the policy can be achieved. 

The company seeks to carry out its operations in a way that complies with the spirit, as well as the letter, of current health and safety legislation, and its commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health of all employees, buy working to approved codes of practice, and in accordance with the best health and safety theory and practice.

The Health and Safety Policy is intended to reflect the Company’s commitment and recognition that it has an obligation to set and maintain high standards of health and safety for all its employees, and also, where they may be affected, for clients and the general public.  In addition, activities which may affect the environment must be subject to suitable standards and controls to minimise that effect.

The Policy is determined by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed by the Board annually.

2.2       Policy Objectives

The framework implemented to set the objectives of this policy are:

2.2.1     to promote standards of safety, health and welfare that comply fully with statutory requirements and approved codes of practice and which take into account current developments in this field;

2.2.2     to commit, eliminate and maintain safe and healthy work places, to operate safe systems of work, and to protect employees, customers and others, including the public, insofar as they come into contact with foreseeable work hazards;

2.2.3     to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees, with adequate facilities and arrangements for their welfare;

2.2.4     to provide employees with the information, instruction, training, supervision and encourage and support continual improvement, which they require to enable them to work safely;

2.2.5     to develop safety awareness and individual responsibility for health and safety in all employees;

2.2.6     to encourage full and effective joint consultation and participation on health and safety matters at all levels of the organisation.

2.3     Duties and Accountabilities

The duties and accountabilities of employees are as follows: 

2.3.1    Directors, Managers and Supervisors

i     To be aware of the health and safety legislation, codes of practice and guidance documents which are relevant for the type of work which is undertaken by the personnel / areas which are under their management.

ii     To assume responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors, and the safe and efficient operation of all equipment in their area of control.

iii     To ensure that all employees and contractors, in their area of control, are informed of health and safety hazards, of which the company is aware, in relation to the work activities undertaken and materials used.

iv     To ensure that all employees and contractors, in their area of control, are given information, instruction and training with regard to safety precautions and procedures required, the safe operation of all equipment and compliance with appropriate standards and rules and are aware of their own responsibilities for their own and other’s safety and security.

v     To ensure, as far as is practicable, that plant, equipment, systems of work and work environments meet all statutory requirements.

vi     To ensure that suitable and sufficient resource is available to enable work to be undertaken without significant risk to the health and safety of personnel.

2.3.2    Employees

i     To understand and appreciate that, under the requirements of the relevant legislation, all employees have a duty to take reasonable care of their health and safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

ii     To understand and appreciate that they must also co-operate with management to enable them to comply with any duty placed on them in respect of the above.

iii     To bring any matters which they believe may adversely affect their health and safety to the immediate attention of their managers.

iv     To take action, if it is safe for them to do so, and to remove themselves from work situations that they may consider present an imminent and serious danger to their life or health or control any hazards/ risks which come to their attention, or to warn others that the hazard/risk exists, without reprisal or undue consequence for doing so.

Nick Raven
Operations Director
January 2023

Customer Quotes

“CPL have been an important supplier to our instrument building program for several years. They are our number 1 supplier of precision components, and the supplier of choice for all our mechanical development work and are used to working within tight tolerances with short lead-times. We are proud to have them working with us.”

“Cambridge Precision Ltd have been a supplier for 10+ years and we have found them to be a consistently performing company with a helpful and knowledgeable approach to our business. Our working relationship has been sustained due to an appreciation for one another’s business objectives and a shared interest in quality, efficiency and reliability. As one of our top ten suppliers, Cambridge Precision Ltd are a key element to our business and are an integral part of our current and future success.”

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