Christmas lunch at CPL

This year, Christmas lunch at CPL was a little out of the ordinary!  Not quite the full turkey roast but a chance for each of CPL’s workforce bubbles to get together outside for a nuggets and chips and a non-alcoholic toast to a brighter new year for all. The outdoor setting in an open shed at the rear of the CPL site was almost biblical, reminiscent of a stable, but adorned with tinsel and fairy lights.

The  alternative Christmas celebration, was provided by Lakeside Kitchen and Bar. Richard Bye,  founder and Head Chef of the business, which normally operates from Wyboston Lakes, stepped up to the challenge of feeding the CPL team, and designed a Covid-compliant solution. Being no stranger to outside catering he brought Christmas to CPL’s premises at Alington Road today, with Santa’s pop up kitchen.

2020 has been an enormous challenge for the team, as it has for everyone trying to run a business and keep staff safe, customers satisfied, and morale as high as possible. CPL works with many companies in the field of medical technology and have been playing a significant role in the development of testing and treatment technologies in response to Covid-19. The team answered the Government’s call to help develop ventilator systems and are still engaged in manufacturing new products that are helping fight the pandemic.

“We could not be prouder of our team, who have adapted how they work, put in extra hours, and given their all, and we wanted to somehow celebrate Christmas with them … but of course nothing is simple these days!” explains Tony Murray, who heads up the sales and business support teams.

Richard Bye of Lakeside Kitchen is a local man, who trained as a chef after leaving Longsands School, working in pubs and restaurants before establishing his own successful business. The pandemic has more or less wiped out the summer season for Lakeside Kitchens, which he established four years ago, but with the ongoing support of Ride Leisure, Wyboston Lakes, he is hopeful that 2021 will allow his own and all local businesses to get back on track. “2020 has not been easy for anyone, but Christmas is a time to acknowledge what you have and to be grateful for that. Being able to help the team out at CPL is a pleasure, and knowing that they have contributed to the UK’s pandemic response, I think they all deserve a festive snack and a little bit of down-time.”

Richard Bye and Tony Murray