Economic Upturn?

Cambridge Precision is seeing a steady upturn in production orders as long-term partners are re-opening and starting to return to full production.

Carly Jarvis, who supports clients with scheduling and order planning, has noticed her desk looking increasingly busy over the past few weeks. “It is so good to be hearing from some of our regular clients who had to close down temporarily. At CPL we pride ourselves on developing strong customer relationships and I have missed talking to some familiar faces and voices, over the past few months. One particular client, a global supplier to the print industry, who relocated just before lockdown, have noted a promising increase in demand and so are in turn putting in fresh orders with us. It is great to see them picking up and beginning to enjoy the benefits of their new premises.”

At Cambridge Precision, we were able to remain open throughout the lockdown period, supporting both new and existing clients, and for us it is a real morale boost to see those clients who did have to close for a while, opening up their doors again.  We wish everyone good luck and are pleased to be able to help them as they start to grow new business.