Life-long learning

Richard Hefford-Hobbs, Chairman of CPL has recently completed his MSt at Oxford University, a course he pursued through the Continuing Education Department and which allowed him to build upon his Engineering degrees, with a focus on the history of design.

“The most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of the course was establishing a new and fresh area of research. Once my research direction and question had been established, the archival research was incredibly rewarding, not only for myself but also, I believe, for those employed at the various companies I visited. Sharing my findings with the employees of each of these businesses gave staff a deeper understanding of their company’s history and heritage. I could see them becoming more engaged and enthused by pride in their workmanship and their company’s success. All of this was made possible by the supportive, challenging and truly inspirational teaching staff who, between them, created a unique learning experience.

I champion life-long learning and encourage everyone to keep adding to their knowledge and skills.  At CPL we already work with a number of education providers, supporting skills development, research and academic/business interaction and this is an outwork and networking initiative that we at CPL intend to support more extensively over the forthcoming decade.”