Maintaining and expanding our ISO accreditations

Well it’s that time of year again … and audit season is upon us. This year not only do we have our continuing accreditation audits, but we are applying for a new accreditation ISO 13485 medical devices standard.  On Tuesday 28th January Ian Massey from NQA was on site to conduct a gap analysis ready for stage 1 compliance audit for this accreditation. He was pleased to inform us that we can proceed with the audit, which will take place on the 12th & 13th February.

In the meantime, Brian Goldsmith from BSI was on site on Monday (3rd February) conducting our continuing Compliance assessment to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard.

We are pleased to say he left CPL extremely happy with the standard of work and continuing improvements we were able to demonstrate and he is recommending us for continued certification to the standard.

Whist these standards, of course, provide an extra level of confidence for our clients, they are a critical internal performance tool. Achieving these standards helps the team at CPL to measure and monitor “quality” in a systematic and consistent way, day on day.  The audits provide a useful snapshot and the opportunity to look for improvements with an expert assessor, but fundamentally the audit reflects the daily operation on site and confirms that systems. processes and standards are reliable and top-class.

Thanks go to all staff for their continued commitment – achieving ISO 13485 will be another feather in our cap and responds to our ever increasing alliance with leaders in the med- tech sector.