Meeting SONY standards-year on year

Sony’s corporate activities are only possible within a healthy global environment, so Sony believes it is important to address environmental issues as a responsible company. By supporting countermeasures to climate change, conserving resources, and managing chemical substances, Sony is working towards achieving a sustainable society through the provision of environmentally friendly products and services.

Sony introduced its “Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval System” as an operation system for ensuring that suppliers comply with these standards and regulations, and Sony only procures from suppliers who are certified as Green Partners.

CPL have consistently met and surpassed the standards set by Sony, since 2001.  We believe we were one of the first UK suppliers to meet this standard and one of the very few to have continued to perform for 20 years!  Thank you Sony for acknowledging our hard work and our commitment to a responsible planet.  Our 2020 accreditation, achieved this week, means a great deal to us, and to our clients and our stakeholders.