Supporting Entrepreneurship

This evening, Richard Hefford-Hobbs helped to judge the entries in the Hughes Hall Enterprise competition – focusing on social impact. The entries were submitted from emerging enterprises that harness multidisciplinary input from students of the University of Cambridge.

Outstanding presentations were received from the six short-listed entries and CPL look forward to engaging further with all involved in these initiatives:

  • PerfeXia – a technology that helps doctors connect remotely with patients and conduct ground-breaking  medical research.
  • Future Solutions – consulting company to help SMB’s around the country to come out of the COVID crisis.
  • Plastalyst – developing green, safe and small-scale catalysts making local recycling solutions.
  • Localing – aims to digitally transform the local businesses, providing them a platform to reach the local customers through digital sales and marketing channels.
  • Camstart – Camstart aims to fill this gap through an online social enterprise education programme and a remote youth accelerator.
  • Visionogy – a professional video ads generation platform to help SMEs and Start-ups build online presence.

Enormous congratulations to all involved and to the new team at the Enterprise Society for pulling together the online event. CPL are delighted to be associated with these young innovators.

“We had a very successful evening on Tuesday as part of Hughes Hall Enterprise Award and we would like to congratulate all the participating companies. Outstanding presentations were received from the six short-listed entries and we look forward to engaging further with all involved in these initiatives.

Special thanks to Richard Hefford-Hobbs, who chairs Cambridge Precision, for spending the time with us and  helping to judge the entries. This was the first occasion we focused on social impact and the range of interests was breath-taking. Thank you to all the other judges, Lestin Liu electronics design engineer, Rupert Pearce Gould, entrepreneur and By-Fellow of Hughes and Liisa Van Vliet, biotechnology entrepreneur. And thank you to Mohammed Alawami, who also helped judge some of the early stage ideas and co-ordinated the presentations.

We were impressed with how well the teams’ presentations were.  It was a pleasure to see such enthusiasm and entrepreneurialism. We felt that all ideas were very interesting and were all worth of succeeding in their chosen field. We are proud to see such  cutting edge technologies and innovations, as well as the strong vision and desire to make an impact. We hope that together you can all achieve your goals and have a strong social and environmental impact in a changing world.

We would also like to thank Thomas Bacon from Founders Factory  for speaking to the collected group. Your words of advice were well received and thank you for answering those question from the floor. All members appreciated that insight and encouragement.

Finally a huge  congratulation to Plastalyst (Khan Yousiph, Med Psychology and Robert Kunzmann, Engineering) , the deserved winner of the competition.  An impeccable presentation and innovative idea as well as a mission that we greatly resonate with! There were many there that would be prepared to help you on your journey and we look forward to you coming back and telling us the next chapter.

In the coming year we look forward to welcoming further new ideas that bring technology and innovation to us whilst having a positive social and environmental impact.

Have  a good summer break and think of all those great ideas.”

Anamaria Spulber, Interim President