Update – CPL fully operational

Here at Cambridge Precision we are adapting to what everyone is calling the “new normal”.  We have full capacity, with some staff that were working from home, now back in the office and all production areas continue to be fully staffed.  We have introduced a wide range of new hygiene procedures and adjusted the site layout to ensure social distancing is possible and that cohorts of staff work consistently as a team. We are still refraining from having visitors on site and of course, we are following all UK government and health advice.

The last few months have been demanding, but in many ways we have discovered new efficiencies – and so there have been some operational benefits. During “lockdown” we were audited for registration to the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices and are delighted to have now been certified to that standard.  The online audit was a first for the assessment team and for us, but it was good news that an innovative way to proceed was possible.

We have also made useful contact with new suppliers for some materials, spreading the geography of our goods-in supply chain, in order to reduce any future risks to manufacture for our clients.  Again, this has been a useful exercise.

This is a quick update for clients and prospective clients to reassure you that we are fit for action.