Continuing Environmental Success at CPL

From the Compliance manager at CPL, February and March always seems like open season, having just finished completing our extremely successful ISO 9001 continuing Compliance assessment and then straight in to our Environmental assessment to the ISO 14001 standard which again was a great success and personally very gratifying to hear the compliments made by our assessor Michael Davie from the BSI.

He noted in his report that:

“Improvements are extensive, and the company are committed to exploring new ideas and seeking out new improvements. The company strap-line of quality through technology is evident in this approach. The vision of the company is one of innovation through technology and this is demonstrated through the innovative EMS improvements that have been implemented including the “Freddy” coolant recycling plant and the exploration of aluminium briquettes. The Strategic Review document was comprehensive and valuable.”

 But we can’t rest yet though, not even a pause for breath with our ISO 45001 continued assessment which starts next week and then the following week is our 4 day annual AS 91000 compliance to revision D, with a “Fit 4 Nuclear” continued assessment to follow, thrown in just for good measure.  These are again outstanding result, and many thanks must go to all our staff, for their efforts to continually contribute, support and improve the company business management systems and objectives.

Andrew Wierny

Senior Quality and Compliance Manager