Opening up career opportunities for Gen Z and beyond

21 students from Hinchingbrooke School toured Cambridge Precision’s production site at St Neots today.  The young people were interested in finding out more about the career opportunities within a successful company like CPL.  Whilst engineering was high on the agenda for some of the visitors, others intend to pursue a career in management or sales and visiting CPL offered an opportunity to see all aspects of business.

“At CPL we have established an Apprentice Academy” explains Andrew Wierny, Quality Manager. “The idea is that we can invest in our staff and help them acquire the skills and experience that both reward them, and enable them to contribute fully to the company’s growth.  Whether the goal is to work with the machines, in the digital design field or to keep our sales and management operating at the highest levels – we look forward to recruiting those with passion and ambition.”

Joshua Spillett (15) explained how interested he was in just how things are made. “Everything is engineered in some way”.  He was impressed by the scale of the business and the diversity of the customers.

Mark Crouch (15) hadn’t realised quite how hi-tech the world of manufacturing had become.  “I wasn’t aware how much was computer-aided, in both design and in production.”

Olivia Bail (16) was pleased to know that the industry was becoming less male dominated.  She too commented on how technology-dependant the business was, and how far it had moved on from the old-fashioned impression of an engineering business being “dirty”. She plans to make a difference by working in business administration and clearly has the commitment and ambition to succeed.

Louis Flalk (16) found the visit very enlightening and commented on how “passionate the staff were about their decision to join Cambridge Precision”.

Mr K O’Shaughnessy emailed after their visit “A brilliant visit thank you – and your staff. The students were buzzing – exactly what we wanted so well done”.

The day was invigorating for both staff at CPL and for the students from Hinchingbrooke; both happy to exchange opinions and ideas and all excited about the future. CPL staff look forward to welcoming some students back for work experience or for employment and training.

“Thank you for your interest and for visiting us”.


Joshua, Mark, Olivia and Louis