CPL celebrate collaboration

Richard Hefford-Hobbs, Chairman of Cambridge Precision Ltd has been featured in the Oxford University, Kellogg College alumni magazine. His interview explores the value of collaboration and documents work to date on the development of an affordable Oxygen and Concentrator Ventilation System.  “When the opportunity arose to work with scientists, students, and public and private organisations to really make a difference and promote effective innovation that cuts through normal commercial boundaries, I knew that my team and I could make a valuable contribution.”

Kellogg Connect Oxford University magazineCambridge Precision is a highly accredited and award-winning leader in the field of precision engineering, working to translate the most complex product designs into reality. During the Covid-19 crisis it became involved in a number of urgent new projects, predominantly in the med-tech, imaging, and life sciences sectors – from helping develop new thermo-imaging technologies to designing and manufacturing sample holding trays to withstand robust centrifugal and heating processes. At the same time it has played an important role in the OVSI collaboration by driving forward the development of two key OVSI modules, working with the team at the University of Cambridge.